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Amazing Job Helping Me Create My New Website

I took several 1/2 day WordPress retreats with Joyce Kaye and would highly recommend working with her! She did an amazing job helping me create my new website, Climate Health and Wellness!

Amazing Job Helping Me Create My New WebsiteI loved the collaboration that took place between us because we each got creative ideas working together to really make my website exactly what I had envisioned. And, she doesn’t deal with just the technical stuff of building a site! Joyce coached me through such considerations as: who was my audience, what was the purpose of the site, how did it relate to my other work, etc. We discussed the layout of the site (“architecture”), and chose an easily customizable responsive WordPress theme. She created the header image and also made editing suggestions for the content I’d written, including explaining her philosophy of what the Home page should contain.

Joyce is a great and patient teacher, especially for me – I am not the most computer literate person around. And if you are not computer savvy, she will help you get up to speed, on the basics, or for as much as you may need, so don’t be afraid!

Katharine Stewart
Sedona, AZ

Susan Simon Sez

simon sez“I recently attended a hands-on workshop on the topic of Creating Your Constant Contact Newsletter. The 2 1/2 hr. workshop flew by. The class was small which gave the participants the opportunity to ask lots of questions and receive personal attention. The workshop was very practical and the content was immediately useful. I attended the workshop with specific goals in mind and most of them were realized.

Joyce Kaye is a good teacher who is patient when it comes to helping participants over the bumps in the road. She has a great sense of humor and the work was fun. I left with a deeper sense of the topic than I had when I began the workshop. The information that Joyce shared was just what I was hoping to learn. Joyce created a workshop that was non-threatening with a topic that can be threatening. I hope to attend other workshops with Joyce because I know I will learn a lot and have fun in the process.”

– Susan Simon, MA, MEd
Susan Simon is an exceptional communicator and an inspirational leader.  Her passion is assisting teachers and administrators in creating positive and successful classrooms and schools. She is the author of the book series “Building a Schoolhouse: Laying the Foundation for Success.” To learn more, visit her website


Unique Holiday Gift

Unique Holiday GiftDon’t know what to give a loved one, friend, colleague, or employee? Holiday gift certificates are available from The Computer Spirit! Purchase whatever number of hours you like, and the recipient can use them for coaching and consulting services related to:

  • WordPress websites
  • Constant Contact e-newsletters
  • One-sheets
  • Brochures and flyers
  • PowerPoint slideshows
  • Microsoft® Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook)

To purchase and/or learn more, contact me via email or phone (928.301.7292).

Webinar: The Power of Email Marketing

On 11/20/13 I presented a webinar to writers on the importance and power of email marketing. I covered topics such as:

  • Why you need an e-newsletter
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How Email Marketing fits in with your marketing plan (i.e., your website, social media, etc.)
  • Using metrics to increase your success
  • Tips on growing your mailing list.

And, as part of the webinar, I did an actual (albeit quick) walk-through of creating an e-newsletter in Constant Contact.

Although this webinar was aimed at clients of Tom Bird, facilitator of “Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend” retreats, most of the information shared is applicable to all businesses and organizations seeking to build strong relationships through their marketing efforts.

The webinar was recorded and you can watch it by clicking on the video below. And, yes, that’s a New York accent you’ll hear even though I live in beautiful Sedona, AZ!

Flyer for My Home for Sale

Flyer for my home for saleI am a disabled veteran and former POW. I was referred to Joyce Kaye through my realtor when I decided to sell my house in Sedona (Village of Oak Creek) on my own.

Joyce has helped me tremendously. She helped me to design a flyer for my home for sale, recommending details that I wouldn’t have thought of myself – it looks great! She handled posting an ad on CraigsList, as well as pricing printing costs, getting the flyer printed, and delivering them to me directly.

I recommend her and her work to anyone!

– Art Acevedo, Owner

Click here to view the flyer.

A Bit About Brochures

Brochures are designed and used as a:

  • Marketing tool to advertise services or products
  • Information providing tool to inform people about specific topics.

When you design a brochure to sell or explain your products or services, remember that this brochure is going to “talk on your behalf” about your services or products that you offer. It is extremely important to make sure that your brochure gets the correct message across, is clear and, most important of all, sells or explains your product or service – which is your ultimate goal.

Even in this world of dynamic cyberspace, brochures still have a place.  They can be beneficial when handed out at events or kept in a holder in the public traffic areas of your office.

Together we will co-create the brochure so you can be sure that it conveys what you want it to as well as looks great.

Here are just a few samples of brochures I have designed – click on an image to view the brochure…

image Brochure - At The Threshold

image Brochure - Friends in Deed

image Brochure - Financial Intellgence Quotient University

What’s a One-Sheet?

If you’re an author or a speaker, you need a one-sheet. What’s a one-sheet?

The concept originated in the entertainment industry – you are an entertainer, ya know! It’s a single-page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising.

Your speech could be the product. Maybe it’s your book. Could be your entire organization. Or maybe your event.

A one-sheet is sort of like a brochure on steroids. You get the whole message – boom!

The goal of a one-sheet is to spark interest in the product or service being advertised. If the one-sheet is aimed at the public, its content may not be incredibly detailed. But it absolutely must pique the interest of someone who sees it.

If your readers are professionals, including those who might book your speeches, order your book in quantity, or attend your event, you’ll want to include more specific details.

The Computer Spirit loves doing one-sheets. It’s a terrific opportunity to pack a lot in a small space and that takes skill and creativity at the same time – a hallmark of our work.

View some of the one-sheets created by The Computer Spirit by clicking on each of the images below…

One-Sheet - Gabriel's Angels

One-Sheet - Pegasus Pathways

One-Sheet Writers Conversations

Taking Presentation Materials to the Next Level

powerpoint presentation“Joyce S. Kaye helped us to jazz up our workshop PowerPoint presentation and did such a great job that it has now become our standard template for all presentations. She listened to our preferences and added touches that none of us thought to incorporate on our own. Joyce is very detail oriented and asked a lot of questions to ensure that she would be able to deliver a product that would meet our goals, be professional and maintain audience attention. That was important for us. We highly recommend Joyce to assist you in taking your presentation materials to the next level.” – Marcy J Maslov, CEO/Inventor of e-Factor!TM, A Property of Empowerment Unlimited Coaching, LLC

Click here to see the enhanced PowerPoint presentation.