Joyce Kaye, The Computer Spirit, is back!

After working exclusively in the corporate world for the past 2½ years in Phoenix, AZ, as of September 2018, I am back in my own coaching and consulting business – and sooo very glad to be!!

The Computer Spirit: Inspiring and coaching you to reflect your purpose and passion in business and marketing.

Inspiration and coaching by Joyce S. Kaye

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It’s often challenging to be authentic, to express oneself, and to be creative while working in the corporate world, where you work a set schedule, are placed in a box, and your spirit goes unrecognized and is unable to thrive. I know, as I speak from much experience.

If you simply LOVE your present job, then kudos to you! I know that’s possible. I’m delighted that your spirit is filled with joy and is thriving.

But perhaps you find your present role suffocating, and think that being your own boss, having your own business, might sit well with your soul. It’s certainly worth exploring how your purpose and passion in life might best be served and best serve others if you were an entrepreneur, don’t you think?

If you’re already in your own business, you’ve probably already realized that you have more opportunity and flexibility to be and to express your authentic self – for your soul to shine – than in most cases when working for a large company. When your spirit is nourished, you have an increased capacity and ease in which to be

  • creative and prosperous
  • giving and generous
  • at peace.

Is your present business and marketing reflecting your life purpose and passion?

That’s not to say it’s always easy being in one’s own business. But personally when I weigh both the positive and not-so-positive aspects of being in my own business, the pros far outnumber the cons. I’ve been in my own business since 1999, but apparently needed a dose of life in the big city corporate world again for a couple years to remind me what my spirit needs to get nourished, to be inspired, and in turn, to inspire others. Work simply cannot be just about the money. I make a greater difference and contribution to helping others when in my own enterprise – and have more fun and joy in the process! Perhaps you can relate?

And, so I am eagerly and enthusiastically back in my own business. As I help you and others, my spirit is filled with joy and gratitude to be reflecting my purpose and passion in my business.

Of course, I appreciate that there are individuals who do not want the responsibilities that come with the territory, whose personality is not a good fit, who have obligations which preclude stepping out, etc. I say that whatever works for your spirit so that it will thrive, evolve, and be joyful, follow that passion, follow that path. Keep in fit spiritual condition.

If Not Now, When?

However, if your spirit is withering and dying in your present environment, with time marching on, I ask,

“If not now, when?”

When will you take action towards nourishing your spiritual being through your work life and follow your life purpose and passion?

Spending Your Time

Since you spend so much of your awake time earning an income and being in a work environment, don’t you think it is crucial for that time to be meaningful and promote your growth – spiritual as well as intellectual?

I know that I want to spend my life – my time – doing what I love, what I’m passionate about. When I do what I love, I do what I do best. I spend my time doing what I do best.

How about you?

Is your business reflecting your mission, your passion? Are you spending your time doing what you love, doing what you do best?

How I Can Help


  • How aware are you of what you are passionate about and excel at doing?
  • Is your soul expressing itself in your business and is your business expressing your soul?
  • Are your marketing materials accurately reflecting who you and your business are?
  • Are you stuck in moving forward in a business or marketing project?

Come sit with me and share what your business is about… what you’re about… your mission in life… your hopes for your business.Inspiration and coaching with Joyce S. Kaye

Maybe you’re already clear and in action about your passion, purpose, and business. Perhaps you’ve already started your writing or marketing project to reflect that — a slideshow, website, e-newsletter, or e-book — but need help in structuring it better, writing content, getting another perspective – ya know, to ensure that you get your ideas across in a user-friendly format, clearly and accurately.

Perhaps you were passionately writing your book about your spiritual journey or some other exciting adventure, or creating a website for your small business or non-profit organization — and you’ve hit a wall and need to be inspired to move forward again.

Well, rest assured, you need not walk your path alone. I am here to help.


You need tools to accomplish your project, to operate, to be efficient, and to market and express your purpose and passion in your business.

Personally and professionally, today’s world is so much about sharing information, connecting, and staying in touch through electronic media: websites, blogs, newsletters, and e-books.

But obviously you can’t be skilled at all the tools out there. Again, I can help you.

I love being creative using electronic media and the computer as much as I love working with people! I work to understand your needs and provide the best technical and aesthetic solutions.

And, if you’re up to learning and doing any portion of a business, marketing, or writing project yourself, I’m here to help empower you to take that path.


It’s always helpful to have a solid foundation in basic software skills so you don’t get frustrated or waste time, and can be successful in your work. With this in mind, my method is to provide hands-on, practical  software training and coaching in Microsoft® applications such as: Windows, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.

And, then of course, there’s WordPress, dear to my heart for website creation.



Looking to have a presence on the Internet? Then you’re probably going to want to have a website. We can collaborate on developing a website/blog on the WordPress platform, used by 31% of the web population, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. I’ll share the journey with you, teaching and coaching you so you can create as much or as little of your website as you want. Learn more about the immensely popular Websites and Coffee (or “kawfee”) workshops series.

Email Marketing

Want to stay in touch with customers, nurture prospects, provide useful, timely information, and announce promotions and special offers? Email marketing is the solution. And, you can use it for your personal holiday greetings and family announcements, too! Constant Contact has been an industry leader in email marketing for 20+ years; I’ve been working with them as a Solution Provider for 10. It’s easy to get started, and we can work together creating content, customizing templates, growing your list, reviewing stats, and more.

You can start your free 60-day Constant Contact trial right now if you like – no credit card is required!

Brochures and One-Sheets

In this digital age you may still want to have a hard copy brochure or one-sheet to distribute at events, or attach to an email. We can collaborate to make sure the content and the look reflects your purpose and passion accurately.


With a visual kick, a professional-looking PowerPoint slideshow will wow your audience and increase their retention of your message of passion and purpose.

Joyce S. Kaye, The Computer Spirit

Why Work With Me?

Being a people person and a computer geek (paradoxical, but true) and because of my eclectic educational background, career adventures, and life experience, I’m delighted and honored to help you address whatever issues you’re facing. And because I do what I love, I do what I do best!

You’ll find that I bring to the table strong communication skills as well as excellent analytical, problem solving, administrative, and organizational skills. Beyond that…

  • I have the capacity to easily relate to others from all walks of life – which will help you feel comfortable
  • I am patient – so you don’t have to hesitate about asking questions
  • My active listening skills are strong – you can be assured I hear what you’re saying
  • You’ll find I am flexible and have the ability to keep an open mind, and exercise good judgment – while remaining heart-centered
  • Integrity, honesty, and respect are important to me and to our relationship
  • I have a genuine interest in others and express empathy – I am here to support you.

Contact Me

Email or call me for a free 30-minute consultation to see if I can be of service to you and if we’re a match. Our greatest work will be achieved when we connect and resonate with one another – both of us following our passion and purpose, nourishing our spirits and having fun along the way!


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  1. Here I am on your website and very impressed….

    I’m impressed with your wide variety of interests… I can surely use some advice
    on marketing as well as setting up a word press site…
    more soon.
    Pat ( my professional name)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Pat. Look forward to connecting further, and seeing how I might help you in your endeavors.
      Blessings, Joyce

  2. Joyce,

    Love your new website! It’s clear you’ve put a lot of time and thought into it and I think the results are awesome. You’ve clearly indicated, not only your areas of expertise, but the warm, spiritual side of you that will be so beneficial to your clients, many of whom won’t even realize how much they will appreciate that until they experience it.

    Your deep connection to who you are is so evident. I just loved your self-awareness and insight. You’re keenly aware of what you have to offer your clients. I hope you attract many. I especially love the bullet points in “Why Work With Me”.



    • Dear Sheila-
      Thanks so very much for your thoughtful and kind words — it’s evident that YOU spent time a bit of time reading it! Your support and encouragement are so appreciated.
      Blessings, Joyce

  3. Looking GREAT!!!
    You are soaring like an !
    Love, light, and blessings,
    Wendy the Weaver of Peace

    PS. Let’s talk about what I can do at this point in my life.

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