In the testimonials that follow, you can get a sense of the experiences and perspective folks have regarding working with me and my working with others. Perhaps what they have to say will resonate with what you are seeking in a partner on the journey of expressing yourself and/or your organization.

I wanted to thank you personally for your wonderful attention to and collaboration with one of my clients, Karyn Rashoff, as you developed her comprehensive (and beautiful) WordPress site,, over the last few months.

Watching you connect with her on so many levels — and servicing her efficiently with all the information she needed to take charge of her online presence — was, simply, amazing! And watching Karyn operate her site just proves that all you gave her really sunk in, which in turn has increased her chances of realizing a profitable and worthwhile presence in the market — which is, after all, the real purpose of the site.
– Paul McNeese

Joyce Kaye of The Computer Spirit, has been key in getting the Red Rocks Zen Circle site . I STRONGLY recommend her if you are looking to create a site for yourself, your business, or an organization. You cannot go wrong with her help.
– David Keeber

Reading some of the content of your site has been inspiring and very timely for me… and “you are not alone” eased my heart. Thanks for all that you do, and for holding the space with faith and grace.
– L.E.

After knowing you in a business setting for some time, the greatest compliment I could give is that this information portal that you have created is truly an extension of you and your passion to serve others! Thanks for taking the time in experiencing your own services through your client’s needs – taking the time to be clear about your message and the benefits for your clientele, will only mean success for everyone involved. All the best!
– Kevin Tucker

You did a great job getting your vision across. I love all the great content and I’m looking forward to more to come.
– Angela Hathaway

Love the website… so many useful tools. You offer practical relief from those challenges that trip a business owner up but are really not that big of deal with the right partner.
– Sue King

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