Inspiration and Coaching

computer trainingLet’s delve into what your purpose and passion is and how it fits into the business you have, or the one you are visioning.

I’ve had an eclectic life, with adventures in many areas of business (finance, IT, healthcare, academia, real estate, transportation), studying a variety of subject areas, and meeting people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Hence, I easily relate to people no matter where they’re coming from.

You’ll find that talking with someone –moi – who understands you and your journey can be instrumental in helping you get clarity about what your passion is and how you want to spend your time earning money while nourishing your soul.

Come sit with me and share what your business is about… what you’re about… your mission in life… your hopes for your business and work life.

  1. Let’s get clear about your passion, your soul’s desire, what you like and do best.
  2. If you’re already in business, let’s take a look and see how well it aligns with your purpose and passion. If you’re thinking about going into business, let’s explore your ideas and how they align with your purpose and passion.
  3. Then, let’s ensure your marketing is expressing you and your business authentically.

Computer Training

computer trainingMake sure you’ve got a solid foundation of computer skills to carry out your business or marketing project efficiently and easily by getting hands-on, practical software training from me.

  • Windows – to control your system’s hardware, organize and more easily access your files, and transfer data.
  • Word – to create and edit different types of documents, from letters and memos to longer documents, such as legal publications and research papers
  • Publisher – to create documents that have a lot of graphics, are very limited text in its design, and are layout intensive.
  • PowerPoint – to tell your story or give a presentation using dynamic slideshows
  • Outlook – to use as your personal information manager including an email application, calendar, task manager, and contact manager.
  • Excel – to organize your financially-related activities including creating budgets, tracking revenue, producing graphs and charts, and sorting data (although its grid interface allows you to organize any type of information).
  • WordPress – to present yourself on the Internet using open source (free) software to create a beautiful website or blog, with powerful features such as customizable designs, SEO friendliness, and high security.

Consider signing up for a personalized ½ day retreat (on-site or via phone) to work on a project while learning the software you need to accomplish your goal.

And, specifically, check out the intimate Websites and Coffee series of workshops for self-hosted WordPress. You’ll  learn WordPress terminology and do hands-on work in a real WordPress site. Even if you’re thinking of hiring a web developer, I highly recommend you get a bit familiar with WordPress so that you can have an intelligent conversation with a professional and have some control of your website.


There are many folks out there designing websites, publishing e-newsletters, and creating PowerPoint slideshows, brochures, one-sheets, etc. Too often I have found that the content is not clear, interesting, or well-worded. There are spelling and grammar errors. I often find that links are broken, too many font styles are used, color combinations make reading challenging, etc . Such issues make you look less than professional, and  can drive away potential business.

Because I am both a computer geek and tech writer – not to mention into details (that’s putting it mildly!) – I’m an expert at analyzing your current collateral and offering suggestions to improve it.

WordPress Websites

computer training and WordPress websitesI view websites as living things and specialize in clear, crisp, simple, and professional-looking self-hosted WordPress websites. Many websites are too busy, don’t make good use of the “real estate,” and detract from your message. We always want to ask “Is this site accurately reflecting who I am/what my business is?” And, we want to keep the visitor on it as long as possible, so it needs to be interesting and user-friendly.

Together we can collaborate to design and develop your WordPress/blog site so that you will have a presence on the Internet that reflects your purpose and passion.

I can develop and build your website for you, or we can do the work together, with you learning WordPress along the way. Moving forward, this will help empower you to maintain your own WordPress site and keep it up-to-date. You can start off by signing up for a  Websites and Coffee workshop, learning with just three other folks, in a 2-hour, hands-on session. If you decide you really want to collaborate and do work on your own website, then book  a personalized ½ day retreat (on-site or via phone). It’s a fun, powerful, and very productive time working together. And, it’s especially economical if your colleagues who’ll be working on the site join us.

Learn more about WordPress websites.

Constant Contact Email Marketing

computer training and Constant Contact email marketingStay in touch and build relationships connecting regularly through e-newsletters. Let people know what’s happening in your life, announce special events, share just-in-time information, and more. If they’re not already a client/customer, you’ll be top-of-mind when they – or someone they know – is looking for what you and your business offers.

We’ll collaborate on the use of a newsletter campaign specific to you and  the best frequency to publish in order to strike a balance of staying in touch but not being overbearing.  It’s up to you how much or how little you want to be involved in the campaign. I can create the campaign from soup to nuts with input from you, or you can dive deeper into the project with me, learning Constant Contact along the way, empowering yourself to eventually create and send campaigns yourself. And, Constant Contact has the very best customer service (free) to assist you!

Particularly if you’re looking to send out your first email campaign, consider signing up for a personalized, on-site, ½ day retreat for a fun, powerful, and very productive time working together. Among other things, we can discuss and write content; upload your contacts; choose a template and create the actual newsletter; and actually “push the button” to publish it!


Brochures are designed and used as a marketing tool to advertise your services or products, and as an information-providing tool to inform people about specific topics.

Learn a bit more about brochures and view some samples.


A one-sheet is a single-page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising.

Learn a bit more about one-sheets and view some samples.


Additional services include:

  • Creating and critiquing PowerPoint Slideshows (“decks”)
  • Editing of books, articles, other printed matter, and online media
  • Technical writing, i.e., Standard Operation Procedures, User Guides, Training Manuals


I offer in-person services in the Phoenix, AZ area, where I currently reside in the East Valley (Gilbert). It may be possible to get together in-person in Northern Arizona, namely beautiful Sedona (where I lived for six years) and Cottonwood.

We can also work virtually via phone and/or Skype/Zoom.

If possible, let’s meet over a cup of java for a complimentary  30-minute consultation. Otherwise, we can connect in cyberspace via email or via phone, Skype or Zoom.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration and coaching; computer training; starting out on your writing or marketing (website, newsletter, etc.) project, or you’ve got collateral that needs improvement, I can probably help you.  Email or call me (928.301.7292) for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if I can be of service to you.