One-to-One Coaching Session with Joyce Kaye — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been working with Paul McNeese who referred me to you to help me with my website. My book is titled: Parents in Highschooland: 19,602 Parent Conferences. I’ve retired from high school counseling after 33 years and have a ton of information to share with parents to help them help their teens be successful in high school. Paul tells me the book will be ready in a month – he’s finalizing the editing and interior design – so I’d love to meet with you in Sedona. I can meet with him in Phoenix, then drive up to you for a “lesson” in early July or at your convenience. My son is graduating from college in mid-June so I have a big party and other things going on in June. Looking forward to working with you!

    • Thanks, Karyn, for contacting me. I’ll email you privately to discuss further. Congrats on your son’s college graduation! Blessings, Joyce