“I’m Right Over Here!” — 2 Comments

  1. I have a favorite NVP story too…they made a movie about him in the late 1950s and in it, the (guy playing his character) told a grieving mother that death is just the same as birth: you leave a place you are familiar with where you are warm and have enough to fill nutritional needs, where you are safe and you can feel love all around all the time. Then suddenly you are being thrust down a tunnel into a place that you all together unfamiliar with, except you may hear familiar voices, but there is so much light that for a moment you are confused and even scared…then you are wrapped and held and you can feel the love surround you again and as you get used to the light you understand that you are in another place, a better place for you to grow and live free. Now I’ve paraphrased, but when I saw it (as a child) I was instantly released from fear of death…which has served me well through my life. And I (among few others) look forward to that spiritual rebirth (no, not gonna become a Baptist!) at the end of life! Happy Holidays to you!

    • Dear Deb – So good to hear from you and thanks so much for sharing the NVP story; I’d certainly be interested in watching the movie. I read a lot about near-death experiences, and yes, the description of birth and death surely sounds the same. Thanks for your good wishes, and Happy Holidays to you as well. Blessings, Joyce