Comfort Around Transitions

Comfort Around Transitions - Threshold Singers of SedonaThere IS comfort around transitions. Earlier this year, I co-founded the Threshold Singers of Sedona, a chapter of the Threshold Choir. Threshold Choir is a network of a cappella choirs of primarily women’s voices, and a community whose mission is to sing for and with those at the thresholds of life (death, birth, serious illness).

When we get together to learn and practice the music, it is so much more than a rehearsal – healing occurs in our very own circle, connections are made and strengthened, and we learn more than just music! Knowledge and experience are shared about life, death, hospice, family, and peace.

When we gather at bedside (usually in groups of 2-4 singers), we sing melodies (many in round or three-part harmony) that are non-denominational and non-religious, yet people find them to be spiritual and deeply soothing to the soul. The person, as well as loved ones, often feels a sense of calm and comfort. It is an honor and a blessing for me to serve in such a capacity. I am grateful.

Threshold Choir has more than 100 chapters nationwide, and welcomes requests from family members, caregivers, and friends of those who would benefit from our soothing and loving singing; our services are provided for free. And, if you are interested in singing with us, you’ll see that we sing quietly together, blend well, and focus on love and healing. If you’re not in the Sedona area, I invite you to explore the national website of Threshold Choir.

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