Nifty Constant Contact Product Updates

Constant Contact is always looking to make product enhancements, and it has made some really nifty ones recently. Something I’ve been waiting for – literally for years – is the ability to save an e-newsletter as a file. Well, it’s here – read on about some of  the recent Constant Contact product updates!

Constant Contact product updates

Save to a file: Now you can save your email campaign as a PDF, JPG, or PNG file. Options are also available for page size, page orientation, and more.

Computer vs Mobile Device Opens: Metrics now allow you to see how much of your readership is viewing your e-newsletter on their desktop and on a mobile device. Overall, stats are showing that people who send out e-newsletters in the early part of the day, viewed them on desktops; later in day, mobile devices.

Other Constant Contact product updates include-

  • Rename your campaign: Now you rename an email even after you’ve sent it!
  • Save as template: Sure, you can copy a sent email to use for another mailing, but now you can actually save it as a template.
  • More free images: 2,500 free images have been added to the stock library.

If you’re using another email marketing service and it’s not giving you these capabilities, perhaps it’s time to move over to Constant Contact. Feel free to contact me to learn more about the features and benefits of using Constant Contact.

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