Joyce Kaye, The Computer Spirit,  is now involved in contract work,
residing and working in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Effective December 2015, she is no longer accepting new clients.

However, she continues to write and publish a monthly e-newsletter. Check out the Newsletter Archives

  • Wouldn’t you just love to not go it alone? To have the communication tools and computer skills you need to reach out to your clients and ways to market yourself effectively?
  • Wouldn’t you just love to have a spiffy-looking, well-functioning, search-engine-optimized website that you could manage yourself? Without having to call your brother-in-law or hire a geek who can’t speak your language?
  • Wouldn’t you like to build relationships and stay in touch with all of your prospects and clients so that when they’re ready for your service, you’re the one they immediately think of and go to?
  • Wouldn’t you like to save money by being able to do these things yourself if you want to?
  • And, when you hit a snag or don’t have time to work on your website, newsletter, or  announcement flyer yourself, wouldn’t you like to have just the right person to call to talk it over with and perhaps even have them handle it this time around?

Help is here. You are not alone.

Your Are Not Alone...


Since The Computer Spirit is so much about building relationships, Joyce chooses to serve folks who understand the importance of connecting with their community. In the past, Joyce has most enjoyed her work with nonprofit organizations, authors and speakers, and healers.  However, she doesn’t exclude anyone from consideration if there’s an opportunity to collaborate.

Most clients seem to struggle not so much with what they do, but how they communicate their message to the world around them – which is what The Computer Spirit brings to the collaboration. She pays attention to your message and helps you tell your story.


Being a people person and a computer geek (paradoxical, but true) and because of Joyce’s broad experiences, she’s happy to help you address whatever issues you’re facing. At the same time, she focuses her attention on understanding your story and marketing direction as she helps you develop and coach you with:

  • Simple, attractive, functional WordPress websites that draw traffic and help visitors respond to your call to action
  • Eye-catching Constant Contact e-newsletters that keep you top-of-mind and drive readers to your website
  • Coordinated collateral media (brochures, flyers, one-sheets) to use at events and drive people to your website
  • Computer software skills development (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access)

Want to Learn More?

Contact Joyce for a free 30-minute consultation to see if she can be of service to you and if you’re a match. Be sure to check out Websites and Coffee, her other site focused on hands-on, interactive, intimate workshops to help empower you to create and control your own self-hosted WordPress website. And, have fun reading some testimonials!

24 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Paul McNeese


    Happy New Year — 2014! I wanted to take advantage of a moment (before the whole world turns over while I continue dating my checks 2013) to thank you personally for your wonderful attention to and collaboration with one of my clients, Karyn Rashoff, as you developed her comprehensive (and beautiful) WordPress site, http://www.highschooland.com, over the last few months.

    Watching you connect with her on so many levels — and servicing her efficiently with all the information she needed to take charge of her online presence — was, simply, amazing! And watching Karyn operate her site just proves that all you gave her really sunk in, which in turn has increased her chances of realizing a profitable and worthwhile presence in the market — which is, after all, the real purpose of the site. I guarantee that you will see more clients coming from me in 2014 and beyond.

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Thank you, Paul! It was such a pleasure working with Karyn, and of course, it’s always great working with you. I look forward to more collaborations in the new year, and wish you a 2014 filled with much, peace, joy, great health, and prosperity. Blessings, Joyce

  2. David Keeber

    Please check out the website I built for our Zen sangha, http://www.redrockszencircle.org. If you subscribe (bottom right) you can be kept updated on the blog posts. We would love your feedback on any of the posts.

    BTW, Joyce Kaye of The Computer Spirit, has been key in getting this site built. I STRONGLY recommend her if you are looking to create a site for yourself, your business, or an organization. You cannot go wrong with her help.

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Thank you so very much, David! And, from my perspective, you are an ideal client: willing and able to learn, committed, reliable, curious, open-minded, humble, generous, etc. It is indeed a pleasure – and an honor – to work with you!

  3. L.E.

    Reading some of the content of your site has been inspiring and very timely for me…and “you are not alone” eased my heart. Thanks for all that you do, and for holding the space with faith and grace.

  4. Kevin Tucker

    Joyce –

    After knowing you in a business setting for some time, the greatest compliment I could give is that this information portal that you have created is truly an extension of you and your passion to serve others! Thanks for taking the time in experiencing your own services through your client’s needs – taking the time to be clear about your message and the benefits for your clientele, will only mean success for everyone involved. All the best!

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Thanks for your kind words, Kevin! It’s great to hear from you – especially as I continue on the road to figuring out how best to be of service. Note to readers: check out Kevin’s website (http://ccubedcareer.com/) for help turning your passion into a career – he’s a terrific career coach – one with a heart!

  5. Angela Hathaway

    You did a great job getting your vision across. I love all the great content and I’m looking forward to more to come.

    Angela Hathaway

  6. Sue King

    Love the new website . . . so many useful tools. You offer practical relief from those challenges that trip a business owner up but are really not that big of deal with the right partner.

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Dear Sue – So nice to hear from you, and trust you are well. Glad you “love” the new website and that it seems like I’ve conveyed the message that a business owner is not alone!

  7. Paul McNeese

    Lovely work! I will begin referring people to you immediately — including myself as soon as I formulate my American Author/Speaker Alliance platform.

    Got into a little fender-bender accident today — so what else is new? Am still trying to work myself into a place where a day or two in Sedona would work for me — I’ll keep you informed.


  8. Timothy Buzzard

    This is incredibly exciting. My creative neurons are firing all over my face!
    Much more later!!!!!

  9. joannie Saltanis

    I love all that you have said. It sounds very inviting as it has me thinking about asking for your services.
    I too redid my home page and services page of my website several days ago. Someone also suggested I start an interactive blog such as you are doing.

    It sounds exciting to me. Congratulations!

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Dear Joannie – Thanks for your great input and congratulations! For those folks looking for a practitioner working with “Multi-Dimensional Lightwave Energy,” visit Joannie’s site to learn more.

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