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What’s a One-Sheet?

If you’re an author or a speaker, you need a one-sheet. What’s a one-sheet?

The concept originated in the entertainment industry – you are an entertainer, ya know! It’s a single-page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising.

Your speech could be the product. Maybe it’s your book. Could be your entire organization. Or maybe your event.

A one-sheet is sort of like a brochure on steroids. You get the whole message – boom!

The goal of a one-sheet is to spark interest in the product or service being advertised. If the one-sheet is aimed at the public, its content may not be incredibly detailed. But it absolutely must pique the interest of someone who sees it.

If your readers are professionals, including those who might book your speeches, order your book in quantity, or attend your event, you’ll want to include more specific details.

The Computer Spirit loves doing one-sheets. It’s a terrific opportunity to pack a lot in a small space and that takes skill and creativity at the same time – a hallmark of our work.

View some of the one-sheets created by The Computer Spirit by clicking on each of the images below…

One-Sheet - Gabriel's Angels

One-Sheet - Pegasus Pathways

One-Sheet Writers Conversations