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Reaching Out

You may as well get used to it – you need to go to them. You need to reach out to your clients, donors, and volunteers over and over again. Whether you’re an author, a healer, or a nonprofit, you need to present to your community when they need you.

Reaching OutThere are lots of reasons why. First, you’re changing. You, your ideas, your products, and your services are changing all the time. You need to let your community know about these changes and how they’ll be affected.

Second, your community is changing. Today, they need you. Tomorrow, they may not. The day after tomorrow, who knows? You need to reach out to them steadily so that when they do need you, you’ll be there. They’ll know you and what you offer, and they’ll know how to contact you.

Conversation Marketing

The Computer Spirit views marketing as a giant, ever-expanding conversation with your community. In the beginning, you interrupt them. Then you quickly provide something of value, which opens the door to you asking their permission to carry on a conversation.

As the conversation moves ahead, you learn about your client and they learn about you. As you exchange information about yourselves, you respond to each other by providing value. Conversation blooms into relationship.

So, once you’ve received permission to carry on a conversation, you have to stay in touch. That can be a big challenge, especially if you have a widely-varied community or a large one.

The Computer Spirit offers living websites and e-newsletters as a powerful combination for keeping in touch and growing your conversations.

Connecting with People

ConversationThere’s no fun without connecting with people. And, there’s no deal either.

It isn’t enough to just be in front of your community, you have to connect with them. That could be through words or images aimed at their hearts or their heads. You want them to come back for more.

And, you’d like to hear from them as well. Conversation is a two-way deal.

Be Yourself

Every message you put out must be congruent with every other message, or your credibility quickly disappears. You know that putting on a false face requires a lot of energy to maintain – more energy than most of us can afford.

Your community wants to trust you. They want to hear what you think about what’s important to them and to you. They value your opinion and honor your knowledge and the work you do. They assume you love your work or you wouldn’t be doing it.

Be yourself – there’s no one else quite like you!

Focus on Your Message

Keep your message as simple as you can and focus on that. Be clear and be consistent.

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