How Joyce Works

You Are Not Alone

hands-on training

Besides being a people person and a computer geek, what also makes The Computer Spirit unique is the way she works with you.

First, Joyce helps you make the decision about whether or not to do your website or e-newsletter yourself. She will create your website or e-newsletter for you, but she delights in coaching and helping you in creating your own.

Helping could mean:

  • following a road map she provides
  • getting detailed feedback from her at key points
  • getting help when you get stuck
  • having Joyce do some pieces of the work
  • having a shoulder to cry on when you get lost or frustrated.

The Computer Spirit guides you gently into the Information Age… coaching you, training you, sitting by your side as you do the work you want to do – and doing the rest for you.

Joyce is located in the beautiful Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona, close to Cottonwood and other sister towns in the Verde Valley, and about an hour’s drive from Flagstaff. If you’re local, Joyce would love to meet over a cup of java for a free 30-minute consultation. Otherwise, you can meet in cyberspace via email or via phone or Skype.

You are not alone – you have The Computer Spirit to light the way. 

Teach a Person to Fish

hands-on trainingJoyce believes in, and practices, the old Chinese proverb about teaching a person to fish so they can eat for a lifetime.  This stems from her own personal experiences and the joy of feeling empowered and independent. It’s also because she loves to see when the person she’s helping “gets it.”

She’s here to empower you – not just get a website or e-newsletter done.

Joyce works with clients one-to-one, hosts intimate computer workshops and labs where learners can work interactively on computer projects, and facilitates project teams.

The Computer Spirit provides hands-on training to help you successfully and joyfully (yes, there can be joy working with computers!) navigate most of the software you need to manage your marketing and your business. And, all with a therapeutic, spiritual touch.  


Joyce’s idea is to work with you – today and in the future – in ways that support your business and hers – and build a lasting relationship.

She’ll begin by listening to your story. She wants to get to know you, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

She’ll want to review your marketing strategy to see how the pieces you’ve already got in place support your small business, nonprofit organization, or book project.

There might be talk about how improving your computer skills might serve and empower you in your work, in your life. She can help you with that too.

Joyce will consider what end result you would like and work out a process for getting you there. She’ll suggest ways to divvy up the work and see if there’s a fit.

She’s open to considering any way of collaborating that leaves you with greater capacity to grow your relationship with your business, non-profit, or other community and, which provides value for all concerned.

2 thoughts on “How Joyce Works”

  1. Lory Jacobs

    I have been going it alone for a long time now and need some assistance. As you look over the website you will see the changes that I am needing to make. This is my passion, this has become my life’s work now….and even though spirit has blessed me in many ways I have asked one more time for their help!

    I live in between….. Cottonwood/Sedona ( bet you thought I was going to say worlds)…although that has happened a time or two with the work I do as a healer, but for now my work in Africa is where my heart is and I must get this website functional in order to assist so many more.

    Can we meet? Can we talk?
    Thank you,
    Lory Jacobs

    1. joyce Post Author

      Dear Lory – Thanks for writing. Glad to assist in helping another spirit feel they not are alone. Give me a few days at most (am in the middle of moving), please, to take a look-see. Then let’s meet/”tawk” next week – I’ll be in touch. Thanks. Blessings, Joyce (aka The Computer Spirit)

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