Marketing and computer servicesBeing a people person and a computer geek (paradoxical, but true) and because of Joyce’s broad experiences, she’s happy and able to help you address a wide variety of computer and marketing projects you have sitting on your plate:

As she builds relationships with clients, Joyce is able to access and address your needs, working as a team to determine what media will serve you best in your marketing plan and how much work you want to and can do, and what you’d like her to handle.

She is a resource for clean, interesting, professional looking collateral that conveys who you are, carries your message clearly, and enlightens and entertains your audience. Joyce is happy to create your collateral for you and just as delighted to coach you through creating it yourself. She takes a hands-on approach to your learning computer software, enjoying seeing your sense of empowerment increase, and your knowing that you are never alone.

Marketing and computer services are available on-site in Sedona, AZ, Cottonwood, and other sister towns in the Verde Valley, and Flagstaff. She also provides services via email, phone, and Skype. Get the most out of your time and money by booking a half-day personalized retreat to work on your self-hosted WordPress website and/or Constant Contact marketing campaigns. Or, work with Joyce in private coaching sessions by the hour or small, intimate, two-hour workshops.

computer services

There are many folks out there publishing e-newsletters, and designing websites, PowerPoint slideshows, brochures and one-sheets. Joyce has too often found that they are good at the overall design but not at content and grammar. Additionally, in the case of e-newsletters and websites, she often finds that links don’t work correctly and the setup doesn’t keep the reader interested. Such issues make you look less than professional.

Because The Computer Spirit is both a computer geek and tech writer – not to mention into details (that’s putting it mildly!) – she’s an expert at analyzing your current collateral and offering suggestions to improve it.

Whether you’re seeking computer training, starting out on your marketing, or you’ve got collateral that needs improvement, email or call Joyce @ 928.301.7292. She will provide you with the best of all possible worlds: good design, good content, good coaching.

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