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Here’s what folks are saying about Joyce and her work!

One-to-One Coaching Session with Joyce Kaye

Driving with the BrakesOn by William MurphyI just finished a great one-to-one coaching session with Joyce Kaye. It was excellent! I went into the session with a list of questions and got them all answered. We also wound up covering more than just my questions in the process. It is so helpful to have someone who really knows their way around websites and WordPress to show you things and then have you practice those things. I don’t worry about messing something up on my site.

I have learned a lot from the WordPress workshops but the one-to-one coaching was really focused on specific questions I needed answers to. We fixed a lot in the time we spent together. Excellent!

Thanks Joyce!!


Bill Murphy
Author of “Driving With The Brakes On”

Always Warmed in Heart and Spirit…

Heron House Productions - Clouds

Clouds by Susan Barrington, Heron House Productions

ALWAYS, always warmed in heart and spirit when i receive your e-newsletters – thoughtful words full of appreciation and attention. your continuing journey is indeed rippling out into the world (you know this of course but its always encouraging to be reminded, i hope) – your words change my trajectory that tiny bit that may, at the end of the day, make all the difference.

i’m especially appreciative of the video links in your December 2012 e-news, as i am about to start a TED: Creativity series and i’m seeing some links between these projects and our study of inspired living.

also, the Muslim prayer is deeply on target. am always on an interfaith quest to collect words and thinking that somehow perfectly reflect what my own heart knows, and this prayer is exactly that. had never crossed paths with it before. another hearty thank you!

happy new year to the Verde Valley!

– Susan Barrington,
Creative Director of Heron House Productions.

Testimonial for One-on-One Tutorial

My recent three-hour one-on-one tutorial with Joyce was money well spent. Joyce is an interesting mix of computer expert, empath, and teacher. She knows her stuff but also knows how to get her points across clearly and efficiently.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, she doesn’t do things for you during your one-on-one session.  Rather, she works with you, providing guidance and support as you use your own computer to gradually build your WordPress website. It’s a very empowering experience, and very different from the usual classroom computer course where you’re sitting flummoxed while the instructor charges ahead, leaving you in the dust. Joyce won’t do that. She makes sure that you fully understand every step before she takes you to the next one.

During the one-on-one, she’s all yours, answering your questions and going in the direction that you want. These personalized sessions are tailored to meet your specific goals, which is why they are so valuable.  I was amazed at how much I got accomplished with Joyce’s help: I came in knowing only the basics about WordPress, and at the end of our session, I felt that I had learned enough to really tackle building my own new site. My confidence level increased tenfold, and I know that when I reach the next stage, Joyce will be there to help me – for as long or as short of a time as I want – to expand my expertise even further.  I highly recommend Joyce’s one-on-one tutorial sessions if you are serious about mastering WordPress and building and running your own website.

– Judith Kiriazis, Ph.D.

Flyer for My Home for Sale

Flyer for my home for saleI am a disabled veteran and former POW. I was referred to Joyce Kaye through my realtor when I decided to sell my house in Sedona (Village of Oak Creek) on my own.

Joyce has helped me tremendously. She helped me to design a flyer for my home for sale, recommending details that I wouldn’t have thought of myself – it looks great! She handled posting an ad on CraigsList, as well as pricing printing costs, getting the flyer printed, and delivering them to me directly.

I recommend her and her work to anyone!

– Art Acevedo, Owner

Click here to view the flyer.

A Favorite Customer

Humane Society of SedonaJoyce and Roger approached the Humane Society offering their email marketing services at no cost as part of their mission. What a positive impact they made! We now are taking advantage of social media and reaching many more people on a regular basis than ever before. For the first time we personally invited all of our customers to a big event through an inexpensive but professional on-line process. It all has been extremely effective. Both Joyce and Roger make us feel like their favorite customer, with their coaching, patience and avid interest in our projects. Their attention to detail and their knowledge of the how, when and whys of social marketing has allowed us to leap forward into the 21st century. Thank you, Joyce and Roger! – Diane Greathouse, Humane Society of Sedona [View archive of e-newsletters.]

Stopped From e-Disaster!

Help! Button“… I wouldn’t be able to sit at this keyboard without triggering some sort of e-disaster if it weren’t for your training, and I wouldn’t be able to do my job – at the very most basic of levels – without the skills you so patiently taught me. My office situation would simply not be possible otherwise, and that means that I owe you a great deal indeed.” – Richard J. Smith, Government Official

Computers and Therapy?

lucy-the-doctor-is-in“Joyce equates her teaching instruction with the word “therapy.” It is most apt: hand-holding, empathy, patience, confidence-building, and supportive – a big plus for beginners. Then, applied to an enormous amount of difficult material, it comes together and there’s daylight – comprehension, achievement. I couldn’t be more satisfied.” – Mimi Vogel, Retired Newspaper Writer and Santa Fe Community College student

A Busy Professional Writes…

Dr. Monica, Pet Communicator “As a busy professional, I appreciate people who work with me to meet my deadlines and goals. I can’t tell you what a joy is to have you in my life. You are so professional and always give the best input for improving my newsletters and websites. I am particularly impressed on how you come up with the best suggestions to improve how my clients can find me easier, faster and with only a click away. I just LOVE you, and hope we can continue to work together for years to come.” – Dr. Monica, Pet Communicator

My Computer Therapist: Have Joyce as Part of Your Team

[This testimonial was given on the occasion of my creating my first website for Samara Programs, using Dreamweaver. However, the link below will bring you to Samara’s current WordPress website, which I created in 2012.]

“I cannot say enough good things about Joyce!

“First of all, Joyce did my entire and very successful website She also helped me after the sudden death of my husband. I was not in any way computer literate, and my husband had everything regarding my business on his computer.  Acting as my computer therapist, Joyce took over and arranged everything on the computer in ways that made it easy for me to use. I am very dyslexic and Joyce still managed to patiently train me.

“Secondly, and for many years, I have used Joyce’s expertise as an editor, from writing articles, which were published, to writing a two act play.

“I would like to assure you, that you will be more than happy to have Joyce as part of your team.” – Samara Christy

My Computer Therapist

A Former NYC Linguistics Professor Writes…

”I have known Joyce for many years now. She has been invaluable to me, especially with all my computer needs. She designed my website, which constantly gets rave reviews from people who come across it. She also manages my e-newsletter every month, and always comes up with great visuals to attract readers and keep them engaged. Whenever I need help, and for a while back it seemed like that was almost every day, she’s been there for me.

“Joyce has been completely reliable, totally honest and up front about what she could and could not do, and very thorough in her work. She is talented, reliable, trustworthy and fun to work with. I recommend her highly for what you are looking for.” – John Dore, Ph.D., Emotional Health Systems

image e-news John Dore, Ph.D.