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Here’s what folks are saying about Joyce and her work!

Inspiring Work by Joyce Kaye



I just woke up thinking what a treasure you and your skills/services are for this (or any) community.  Thank you so much for the Intro to WordPress Part II session and the well-done, helpful pass outs.  I will call you for a private if and when I can’t sort out the details as I proceed.  In fact, I am sure I will need your help in understanding how to format better and design pages – with the frames and graphics, etc.

Best wishes!!!  Keep up the inspiring work.

Beverly Coleman, MPH, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac
Wellness consultant, acupuncturist, herbalist

Amazing Job Helping Me Create My New Website

I took several 1/2 day WordPress retreats with Joyce Kaye and would highly recommend working with her! She did an amazing job helping me create my new website, Climate Health and Wellness!

Amazing Job Helping Me Create My New WebsiteI loved the collaboration that took place between us because we each got creative ideas working together to really make my website exactly what I had envisioned. And, she doesn’t deal with just the technical stuff of building a site! Joyce coached me through such considerations as: who was my audience, what was the purpose of the site, how did it relate to my other work, etc. We discussed the layout of the site (“architecture”), and chose an easily customizable responsive WordPress theme. She created the header image and also made editing suggestions for the content I’d written, including explaining her philosophy of what the Home page should contain.

Joyce is a great and patient teacher, especially for me – I am not the most computer literate person around. And if you are not computer savvy, she will help you get up to speed, on the basics, or for as much as you may need, so don’t be afraid!

Katharine Stewart
Sedona, AZ

Susan Simon Sez

simon sez“I recently attended a hands-on workshop on the topic of Creating Your Constant Contact Newsletter. The 2 1/2 hr. workshop flew by. The class was small which gave the participants the opportunity to ask lots of questions and receive personal attention. The workshop was very practical and the content was immediately useful. I attended the workshop with specific goals in mind and most of them were realized.

Joyce Kaye is a good teacher who is patient when it comes to helping participants over the bumps in the road. She has a great sense of humor and the work was fun. I left with a deeper sense of the topic than I had when I began the workshop. The information that Joyce shared was just what I was hoping to learn. Joyce created a workshop that was non-threatening with a topic that can be threatening. I hope to attend other workshops with Joyce because I know I will learn a lot and have fun in the process.”

– Susan Simon, MA, MEd
Susan Simon is an exceptional communicator and an inspirational leader.  Her passion is assisting teachers and administrators in creating positive and successful classrooms and schools. She is the author of the book series “Building a Schoolhouse: Laying the Foundation for Success.” To learn more, visit her website


A New Constant Contact User says “I’m Amazed at Your Talent!”

New Constant Contact UserA new Constant Contact user wrote on Friday, August 1, 2014…

Good morning Joyce,
Thank you so much for yesterday – I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and look forward to working with you again – it was really fun and I’m amazed at your talent.

Once I know a little bit more about exporting my contacts and have put some time into creating content I’ll reach out and schedule with you again –. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again, Leslee


Leslee Vogal CH, CSH, NC, Ay.P.
The Institute for Wholeness
Sedona, AZ
Constant Contact User

Attention to Details Fantastic!

attention to detailsSat 5/17/2014 10:21 PM

Buckeye, AZ

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for doing such a thorough job developing and designing my website. I love it!

Here’s a testimonial you can add to your website:

“Joyce Kaye of The Computer Spirit developed and designed my new website well within the time-frame we discussed. I love it!

The first time I spoke with Joyce about my website, she asked me a few questions and took time to fully explain what features a great website must contain and how she could make it happen. She then followed-up with a written proposal.

During the entire process, I was impressed by Joyce’s professionalism. She was very knowledgeable about developing and designing websites and how to make them interactive and user friendly. Her attention to details was fantastic.

If you want a great-looking, user-friendly website, or marketing materials (one-sheets, e-newsletters), I highly recommend Joyce.”

Edna Lawrence,
Founder/CEO of Divine Health Solutions, Intl. LLC and author of “My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too.”

Testimonial by Paul McNeese

Paul McNeeseHappy New Year — 2014! I wanted to take advantage of a moment (before the whole world turns over while I continue dating my checks 2013) to thank you personally for your wonderful attention to and collaboration with one of my clients, Karyn Rashoff, as you developed her comprehensive (and beautiful) WordPress site,, over the last few months.

Watching you connect with her on so many levels — and servicing her efficiently with all the information she needed to take charge of her online presence — was, simply, amazing! And watching Karyn operate her site just proves that all you gave her really sunk in, which in turn has increased her chances of realizing a profitable and worthwhile presence in the market — which is, after all, the real purpose of the site. I guarantee that you will see more clients coming from me in 2014 and beyond.

– Paul McNeese, OPA Author Services, focusing on providing specific and needed services for self-publishing authors and small publishers.

From the Healer Behind “The Backside” e-Newsletter

“I have found Joyce to be professional, unwavering in discipline and standards. I trust her decision making and the quality of her word and work. She has been overseeing my newsletter for over a year now and has been exceptional at editing and producing it for us. She also set up one of our business websites.” – Dr. Stephen D. Yeager (May 2011)

Yeager Chiropractic E-newsletter

Update: October 2013 – “We are now in our 4th – almost 5th – year of publishing our monthly Yeager Chiropractic e-newsletter, and our patients often comment on how they enjoy and look forward to receiving it. Joyce always does such a terrific job of putting together what I send her.”

Yeager Chiropractic E-newsletter

WordPress Teacher – and More!

Although Joyce and I are personal friends, her newsletter almost always brings refreshing information about what’s going on in her world and often information, articles, videos on touching and meaningful stories of what’s going on in the outer world.  Her work as a WordPress teacher provided me all I needed to get my two websites up and running as I desired them at reasonable rates and in an easy to learn setting, whether in class or private session.  I highly recommend working with her if you are at all considering taking on your own websites.

Esther Shapiro, RN, Msc.D
Sedona, AZ

Visit Esther’s website ShamanStar3… Where Spirit and Earth come together as One.

Esther Shapiro on her WordPress teacher

Pro with WordPress Website Assistance

Pro with WordPress website assistanceJoyce is a pro with WordPress website assistance! She can spot what needs to be done and teaches us how to do it for our self. She knows this inside and out, and thus her classes and her consulting are both tremendously helpful. I am so grateful that she is available to help me create my websites, and to make them better! Thank you Joyce!

Jewels Maloney
M.Ed., Ed.D. Creativity
Activities & Resources for Ascension

Writer’s First eBook on Smashwords

Writer's First eBook on Smashwords“Hi Joyce.  I’m not sure what to say in a testimonial, other than what a great job you did on getting my first ebook edited, formatted, and published on Smashwords. And, I like the cover design too! What comes to me is something I remember from a Robert Anthony seminar many years ago (he was a precursor to the current “life coaches” I guess). His advice was to, if at all possible, not waste your precious energy on anything you don’t really like to do, and pay someone else to do it for you.  In this case, that would be YOU!” – Mary Blye Belford, Authoress of “As the Ice Melts: Letters from Antarctica” first ebook on Smashwords.