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Manage your ongoing conversation with your clients in ways that keep you present when they most need your products and services.

Finding Inspiration for Content

Inspiration for ContentWhether you have writer’s block, you’re running out of time, or you’re simply looking for fresh content ideas for your e-newsletter, website, blog, or Facebook Page post, in this age of abundant information and great technology, there are plenty of sources from which to draw inspiration. However, let’s not forget meditation! Here are some additional avenues for finding inspiration for content.

Keep an idea journal
As you read catalogs, magazines, books, etc. – and simply go about living your life! – keep your eyes and ears open for ideas, then jot them down.

Look to others in your field or industry
See what others in your professional field or business are talking about and then offer a different viewpoint or advice on a topic. You could also interview other experts.

Interview one of your customers or someone in your organization
Feature a loyal customer – or even a new recipient of your service or product -, staff member, or volunteer, and write about a challenge and how they’ve overcome it. Ask the interviewee to share the story with their own contacts in order to increase the breadth of your audience.

Go in-house asking for topic ideas
Create a simple system to gather topic ideas from those who know your business or organization best – your employees, board members, and volunteers. You could even hold a contest for others to vote on a few of the ideas – you’d be engaging your people, creating great content ideas, and having fun too!

Go social!
You can search Facebook for groups or Pages relevant to your business or organization. You can join various groups on LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, etc. and watch the various conversations going on. You may see someone there you want to connect with and interview, find an interesting article you want to link to, and/or get ideas from questions people are asking. Twitter is also a great place to get ideas.

This article includes some ideas I read written by Shirin Shahin. You can read what she has to say by clicking here.

The QQQ Trick for Word Formatting

Have you ever copied and pasted something into Word, only to discover it inserts paragraph returns in odd places? [You’ll need to have your Show/Hide button on to see them and other Word formatting.] This commonly happens when you copy and paste text from an email or a web page into Word.

Word Formatting

If you have a lot of text facing this problem, you’ll love this trick! I learned it from Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. He calls it the QQQ Trick.

  1. Press CTRL+H, search for ^p^p and replace it with QQQ
  2. Search for ^p and replace it with nothing.
  3. Search for QQQ and replace it with ^p^p

Voilà‎ – you have reflowable text again. You may still have a little bit of clean up to do, but this trick is really fabulous.

This trick has other uses with other variations. Essentially, you’re using a wildcard – QQQ – as a temporary placeholder for something. Note: Mark chose QQQ because the letters are unlikely to ever appear in natural language.

Try it out and let me know how you like it by commenting below…

Software Training

software trainingLearning how to use your computer doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be fun! Joyce has a reputation of great patience and software training expertise, particularly with beginners and the senior population. In fact, for many years she was known as The Computer Therapist, guiding people gently into the Information Age. She still uses those therapeutic skills these days, making you feeling comfortable and providing encouragement.

Here are some of the computer topics you can learn when you are guided and coached (hands-on) by The Computer Spirit:

  • Basics of the PC
  • Windows Operating System
  • Application Programs (i.e., Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access)
  • How to Navigate Around the Internet
  • How to Use Email and Web Mail

Even though she’s taught computer software in college level classes and in business, Joyce prefers working with you one-to-one, making sure you can do what you want to do with your computer.

The Computer Spirit offers in-person training at your home or office in the northern areas of Arizona, notably Sedona, Cottonwood, and Flagstaff. She is also available via email and phone or Skype. Contact The Computer Spirit for more information.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your project or need, or where you’re stuck – you are not alone.

From the Healer Behind “The Backside” e-Newsletter

“I have found Joyce to be professional, unwavering in discipline and standards. I trust her decision making and the quality of her word and work. She has been overseeing my newsletter for over a year now and has been exceptional at editing and producing it for us. She also set up one of our business websites.” – Dr. Stephen D. Yeager (May 2011)

Yeager Chiropractic E-newsletter

Update: October 2013 – “We are now in our 4th – almost 5th – year of publishing our monthly Yeager Chiropractic e-newsletter, and our patients often comment on how they enjoy and look forward to receiving it. Joyce always does such a terrific job of putting together what I send her.”

Yeager Chiropractic E-newsletter

You Are Not Alone!

You Are Not Alone When You Work With The Computer SpiritThe thought “I am not alone” became my mantra about 21 years ago when I finally walked into the rooms of the 12 Step way of life. Up until that time it seemed that I was supposed to do It alone… “It” could be going to the movies – alone. Trying to fix the toilet – alone. Walking with a broken ankle – alone. Fill in the action, any action – alone! Without humans, without Spirit.

But then I learned I had a choice – and people who were only too happy to help and be a part of my daily living. And, I realized that this extended to everything!

So when I started my business revolving around (initially) software training and database design well over ten years ago, Continue reading »

How I Serve Healers

How We Serve HealersI find that healers are generally less capable of doing their own websites and e-newsletters than some of my other clients. That’s not always true, but it does seem to be a pattern. So, this is how I serve healers…

I can do a greater portion of the work myself rather than trying to teach healers to do it. That’s okay – we’re both fine with it.

I’ll probably create a simpler site.

I also tend to place a much greater emphasis on images that tell the healer’s story. Healers aren’t often writers, so I don’t usually expect a healer will make regular article or blog posts, or even provide content for their own e-newsletters. That’s okay. I’ll either talk through your ideas with you or accept them in whatever form you can cobble them together – and then I’m happy to write the content.

Healers have to feel great about their website – well so do all clients! However, with healers that’s usually not a function of technology as much as the way the site looks and the energy of it. I take great care to get the energy right, understanding that people who view your website come seeking help – they need to feel the presence of that help oozing off your website, through their computer screen, and into their heart.

All of this makes designing and managing a healer’s website a unique challenge – and one I particularly love. Let’s get together and learn more about each other. I would enjoy exploring ways to translate the healing you provide into words and images that tell your story energetically.

Why I Love Working with Healers

Here’s some reasons why I love working with healers…

  • Healers are actively engaged in healing themselves as a part of their own awakening.
  • Healers give and give and give some more.
  • Healers change the world.
  • Healers are crummy at marketing and I love to shine the light on this mysterious process for them.
  • Healers are fun.
  • Healers are great referral marketers – for me and their healer friends even more than for themselves.
  • Healers need beautiful, simple, elegant websites – the kind I love creating.
  • Healers barter – I’m open to that!

Ultimately, we are all healers – healers have already figured that out and they’re in action to demonstrate this truth.

Working with Healers