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Market your book and speaking via a simple website that tells your story.

What’s a One-Sheet?

If you’re an author or a speaker, you need a one-sheet. What’s a one-sheet?

The concept originated in the entertainment industry – you are an entertainer, ya know! It’s a single-page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising.

Your speech could be the product. Maybe it’s your book. Could be your entire organization. Or maybe your event.

A one-sheet is sort of like a brochure on steroids. You get the whole message – boom!

The goal of a one-sheet is to spark interest in the product or service being advertised. If the one-sheet is aimed at the public, its content may not be incredibly detailed. But it absolutely must pique the interest of someone who sees it.

If your readers are professionals, including those who might book your speeches, order your book in quantity, or attend your event, you’ll want to include more specific details.

The Computer Spirit loves doing one-sheets. It’s a terrific opportunity to pack a lot in a small space and that takes skill and creativity at the same time – a hallmark of our work.

View some of the one-sheets created by The Computer Spirit by clicking on each of the images below…

One-Sheet - Gabriel's Angels

One-Sheet - Pegasus Pathways

One-Sheet Writers Conversations

How We Serve Authors

How We Serve AuthorsEvery writer is different. Every story is different. And so every audience is different. Now what?

If you’ve been published, or self-published, or are preparing for publication, you probably understand by now that you’ll be doing the lion’s share of marketing your work. For me, that came as a bit of a surprise. I thought being the expert on my topic and being the writer were enough. I was just getting used to the idea that I had to find and sell myself to a literary agent. Now this.

Of course, if you’re self-publishing, as I did, you also find yourself in the book distribution business. All of this can be overwhelming. I know, because it overwhelmed me. I don’t shy away from a challenge – even twelve challenges-in-one. But still…

Marketing your work means you have to figure out who your readers are – and that doesn’t mean every literate person in the known universe. Then you have to figure out how to get your book in front of them in a way that has them actually read it. Sometimes this means you have to get yourself in front of them first.

We can help. Although we have written, edited, and proofed books, designed covers, and formatted and uploaded books, this isn’t our main focus. What we offer are ways to create your online presence and build your community of readers.

We present this in three layers: first we help you take actions that chase readers into your personal web; then we help you set up your website to capture and hold them; then we help you keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

In doing so, we help you create what book publishers call your “platform.” We help you show up in the right places online in order to build your brand as the expert on your book. We make it easy for readers to learn more about you and buy your book. And, we provide information about you in formats beloved by the press and those who book speakers.

Because we’ve been around this block a few times, we can save you time and money, and frustration as you go about the many little things that contribute to your success and the success of your book.

How We Serve Speakers

How We Serve SpeakersGenerally, we don’t do packages. We customize everything. We believe every person and every message are unique. We make an exception for speakers.

Speakers are treated as packages. You must have a certain set of information, presented in a standard way, in order to receive the attention of those who book speakers. It’s just the way the business is. So, we respond by suggesting – and it’s only a suggestion – some packages that are structured to do the job for you.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Speaker Packages

Write My Blog

Search engines love blogs – so do your readers. They want to learn more about you before booking you to speak; they want to learn more about you after they’ve heard you speak.

As an author – and a speaker when I get a chance – I would love to write your blog.

We can agree on topics in advance – either from a list you generate or from one I put together. We’ll agree on a tone and a style that fits your image. I’ll send you a couple blog posts to review and then I’ll make revisions until we’ve got the formula right. Then I’ll take it from there – including posting individual blog posts to your website if you’d like.

We charge $25 per post.

Do My Website

Organizations need speakers – those who book speakers need information. The easiest way for you to provide that information to them is to post it on your website. Strangely, that’s also the easiest way for them to access it.

A basic speaker website includes the following:

  • Your bio
  • Pics of you
  • Audio and video files of you in action
  • Your Q&A featuring the ten or so questions you’d like to be asked and your highly-quotable answers
  • Your contact information
  • Your blog
  • Information about your book(s) if you have them
  • Testimonials

We’ll create this basic website for you for about $700 – you provide the content, images, audio and visual files.

If you need help with the content, we charge about another $200 to provide finished content from your scribbles and email answers to our questions.

If you need more help or want a more elaborate website, let’s talk. Remember, we also provide e-newsletters for serious speakers who are building their communities.

Our Experience with Authors

Our experience with authors took off with our own writing – publishing – marketing adventure. Before that, both Joyce and Rog served as editors for business book publishers.

Without belaboring the point, we know the author’s world first-hand – we live there.

As we learned the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of becoming authors, we met a lot of interested people, many as lost in the maze as we were when we first got started. That led us to want to Our Experience with Authorsshare what we were learning. At that time, we managed a business that revolved around generating meaningful conversations. We piloted a series of conversations for authors – both our usual two-hour events and a longer, full-day event. Everyone was delighted with the results.

The next step involved our putting ourselves out there as consultants to authors. In this capacity we coached writers to become authors, served as editors and proof-readers, and created collateral material for authors and speakers.

These days we’re focused on doing websites and e-newsletters for authors, as well as collateral material. And, as you might imagine, we’ve got several book projects of our own underway! Our last couple books were published as e-books, so we’ve become more familiar with this scene as it continues to evolve – making author websites more important that ever.

It’s almost always a pleasure to hang out with authors and we enjoy being helpful in whatever ways we can.

Why We Love Working with Authors

We are authors – we love ourselves!

Joyce co-authored a book about Microsoft® Outlook. Roger has published three books – one about choosing joy at work, one about peaceful awakening, and one about gardening with nature.

We love that authors have something to say.

And, that what they have to say is important enough to put themselves out there to say it.

We love the way authors engage with their ideas and their writing.

We love the discipline authors demonstrate around their writing.

We love the way authors grow through their writing experience.

We love listening to authors talk about their work.

We love helping authors bring their work to fruition.

We love watching authors when they first see or feel their work in print.

We love how lost authors are when it comes to marketing – and we love to shine the light on their trouble.

We love to help move great work and beautiful ideas into the world – after an author has birthed them.

We love the feeling authors get when someone reads their work – and likes it!

Why We Love Authors


Monday Morning Musings

Lillian Coury compiled a collection of her thoughts during her Monday morning meditation periods to present to clients. I came up with the title, edited the contents, designed and implemented the formatting style, and delivered the book to the printer.

Pegasus Pathways

“Joyce…Thank you for all your help in getting my book done… You were my eyes, you understood my thoughts, you saw into my heart… Thanks for giving me so much!” – Lillian Coury, Author – Monday Morning Musings, Executive Coach, PCC, CIC