Tracking Email Opens

Have you ever had this question too: My contact opened my email. Why don’t I see their email address in the email’s opens report? Let’s talk about tracking email opens and how Constant Contact handles this.

Your email opens report lets you know who opened your email and when, but it’s not always 100% accurate.

Constant Contact can only detect and record when your contact opens your email if at least one of the following happens:

  •  Tracking Email OpensInvisible Tracking Image Displays – CC embeds an invisible image at the very top of every email you send. When someone opens your email, that image loads and sends data back to CC to let them know the email was opened.
  • Contact Clicks a Link – If the hidden open tracking image doesn’t display, CC can still detect that the email was opened if any link is clicked. The link’s URL has to begin with http://, rather than with the https:// secure form.

Constant Contact Can’t Track When a Contact Opens Your Email If They…

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