Invite the Divine In

As you probably know, my mantra personally and professionally is “You are not alone” (we teach what we need to learn 🙂 ). So when I recently joined the Waking Up with Ryan email list, I was thrilled when one morning Ryan wrote about this topic.

Here’s an excerpt from 03.20.15…

You can go it alone – but why? You’re surrounded by support. Not just from the people around you, but from the Divine itself…

IF and only IF you invite the Divine in.

Invite the Divine InThe way the Universe works – without your permission, the Universe cannot work Its miracles through you.

Whatever you most need help with, take a moment now to ask for guidance and support. Ask for clarity – ask to have your thinking changed – to have your perspective shifted to the level of the solution.

Ask for help!

The Universe will not violate our free will, so if we forget to invite Its brilliance, It cannot enter into our thoughts.

Think of your mind like a bouncer at the club. If The Universe isn’t on the list, the mind doesn’t let it in – no list, no entry. The mind loves to keep the Divine out. But you are the owner of the club. You get to tell the bouncer what’s up.

Welcome the Divine in with a beautiful, hand written letter in your mind. Sometimes, I’ll close my eyes and see the image of beautiful calligraphy writing out the invite, “Dear God, you are welcome here as my honored guest.”

Know that the Universe always R.S.V.P.s with a big YES and always shows up to the party – when invited.

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