Google’s Biggest Ranking Change Ever

Whether you have a website (owner) or you search and visit websites (user), Google’s biggest ranking change ever, coming next month, will impact YOU! Please do read on… (and, if you’re an owner, see the article Website Owners: Preparing for Google’s Ranking Change).

When you run a website it seems like there’s always something to worry about. The latest worry is being called Mobilegeddon – seriously (you can search on it!) – and it represents a very real threat to the Google rankings of millions of websites. AS OF APRIL 21, GOOGLE WILL START RANKING MOBILE-FRIENDLY WEBSITES HIGHER IN SEARCH RESULTS.

Google’s Biggest Ranking Change EverSearch engine rankings determine how easy it is for people to find you and your website. Ultimately, with this change, the “mobile friendliness” of a site will represent a significant influence on the ranking algorithm that Google uses to show results to searchers. This could be to the extent that websites not deemed mobile friendly may not even be eligible to rank in mobile search results.

As a website owner, you want your website to be a place for your readers to connect with you, for your site to rank well so that people can hire you or buy your products and services. Your website is an extension of what you do, and if it’s not getting found in the search engines, it can have a profound impact on disseminating important information and, of course, your profits.

As a user, this change means that your searches will not yield as extensive results as before; you’ll not get as full a picture or as many choices to explore. Also, it could be very confusing when searching for something you’ve ‘googled’ before, but which now no longer shows up in search results.

The good thing about all of this is that Google has given us a warning, and time for all of us to prepare.

As I commented last month, these are surely interesting times and we live in a most interesting world! It’s going to be ’interesting’ to see how this all pans out…

2 thoughts on “Google’s Biggest Ranking Change Ever”

  1. Ariann

    Thanks so much for the heads up. I have been thinking for the last year that I need to convert my site to make it mobile friendly but you know how it goes. So now I have a real impetus to get it done NOW.
    You are such a boon in my life.

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Dear Ariann – Glad I could be of help. Yes, indeed, I know how it goes (re: converting one’s website). But, now we ALL must really do it! Good luck. Blessings, Joyce

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