Testimonial by Paul McNeese

Paul McNeeseHappy New Year — 2014! I wanted to take advantage of a moment (before the whole world turns over while I continue dating my checks 2013) to thank you personally for your wonderful attention to and collaboration with one of my clients, Karyn Rashoff, as you developed her comprehensive (and beautiful) WordPress site, http://www.highschooland.com, over the last few months.

Watching you connect with her on so many levels — and servicing her efficiently with all the information she needed to take charge of her online presence — was, simply, amazing! And watching Karyn operate her site just proves that all you gave her really sunk in, which in turn has increased her chances of realizing a profitable and worthwhile presence in the market — which is, after all, the real purpose of the site. I guarantee that you will see more clients coming from me in 2014 and beyond.

– Paul McNeese, OPA Author Services, focusing on providing specific and needed services for self-publishing authors and small publishers.

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