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Your Website is Your Hub by The Computer Spirit

My passion is relationship building, be it social or business. Now, when it comes to business (but really how can you separate social from business in today’s world of the Internet and social media?), the way I see it, your website is the hub for everything. It’s like a wheel with spokes, or Home, where all paths lead to, where your heart is.

And the spokes or the paths include email marketing (newsletters), brochures, business cards, Facebook and other social media, and on and on it goes.

My point is that all your collateral should point the reader to your website, and that is where all your information resides. Details, stories that reveal your experiences, values, images, etc. That’s where people learn more about you, connect with you, see what’s unique to you and why they’d choose working with you or simply moving the relationship forward rather than someone else.

Your website is your home online. Make it comfy, cozy, welcoming – like a guest would never want to leave it. And, in so doing, over time your relationships will blossom, and your life and business will truly be enriched in more ways than one.

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