One-to-One Coaching Session with Joyce Kaye

Driving with the BrakesOn by William MurphyI just finished a great one-to-one coaching session with Joyce Kaye. It was excellent! I went into the session with a list of questions and got them all answered. We also wound up covering more than just my questions in the process. It is so helpful to have someone who really knows their way around websites and WordPress to show you things and then have you practice those things. I don’t worry about messing something up on my site.

I have learned a lot from the WordPress workshops but the one-to-one coaching was really focused on specific questions I needed answers to. We fixed a lot in the time we spent together. Excellent!

Thanks Joyce!!


Bill Murphy
Author of “Driving With The Brakes On”

2 thoughts on “One-to-One Coaching Session with Joyce Kaye”

  1. Karyn Rashoff

    I’ve been working with Paul McNeese who referred me to you to help me with my website. My book is titled: Parents in Highschooland: 19,602 Parent Conferences. I’ve retired from high school counseling after 33 years and have a ton of information to share with parents to help them help their teens be successful in high school. Paul tells me the book will be ready in a month – he’s finalizing the editing and interior design – so I’d love to meet with you in Sedona. I can meet with him in Phoenix, then drive up to you for a “lesson” in early July or at your convenience. My son is graduating from college in mid-June so I have a big party and other things going on in June. Looking forward to working with you!

    1. Joyce S Kaye Post Author

      Thanks, Karyn, for contacting me. I’ll email you privately to discuss further. Congrats on your son’s college graduation! Blessings, Joyce

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