You Are Not Alone!

You Are Not Alone When You Work With The Computer SpiritThe thought “I am not alone” became my mantra about 21 years ago when I finally walked into the rooms of the 12 Step way of life. Up until that time it seemed that I was supposed to do It alone… “It” could be going to the movies – alone. Trying to fix the toilet – alone. Walking with a broken ankle – alone. Fill in the action, any action – alone! Without humans, without Spirit.

But then I learned I had a choice – and people who were only too happy to help and be a part of my daily living. And, I realized that this extended to everything!

So when I started my business revolving around (initially) software training and database design well over ten years ago, it was natural to use the tag line “You are not alone.” There’s no need to suffer; in fact, it can be fun and a great joy to work with a companion on a computer project or any project that this journey called Life brings to us. I especially felt this way after my graduate education in social service and for years afterwards was known as “The Computer Therapist.”

This mantra remains pertinent in these times, perhaps even more so. And, still, in all of life. In a phone conversation with a prospective client yesterday afternoon, she spoke of finding it so difficult asking for help; she was in tears. As an accomplished person in various careers and now back to her main passion as a healer, she felt that she “should” be able to build her own elegant website and do the SEO as well. Finally getting overwhelmed and reaching bottom, she reached out for help – and found moi. I’m so glad that she did, for not only can I assist and coach her in achieving her goal, but as we interact, I get to share my experience, strength, and hope in other areas of my life as well, and be of greater service.  And, of course, my life is enriched in the process. Win-win!

I know it was no coincidence that today’s Our Prayer Daily Scripture & Reflection Newsletter brought the following message:

A Time to Think
“Worry is a thin stream of fear that trickles through the mind, which, if encouraged, will cut a channel so wide that all other thoughts will be drained out.” – Author Unknown

To Act
Whenever disappointment or anxiety come, repeat: “I am not alone.”

To Pray
Lord, give me a spirit that unabashedly celebrates You and the joy of living.

I am not alone. And, neither are you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I also find it difficult to ask for help. Recently, in a conversation with twelve other people, we agreed not only that we each experienced difficulty asking for help, but that this issue had led to much trouble for us throughout our lives. I’m glad it’s being talked about and that we can hear each other with non-judgemental minds and hearts as we offer to help each other.

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