A Bit About Brochures

Brochures are designed and used as a:

  • Marketing tool to advertise services or products
  • Information providing tool to inform people about specific topics.

When you design a brochure to sell or explain your products or services, remember that this brochure is going to “talk on your behalf” about your services or products that you offer. It is extremely important to make sure that your brochure gets the correct message across, is clear and, most important of all, sells or explains your product or service – which is your ultimate goal.

Even in this world of dynamic cyberspace, brochures still have a place.  They can be beneficial when handed out at events or kept in a holder in the public traffic areas of your office.

Together we will co-create the brochure so you can be sure that it conveys what you want it to as well as looks great.

Here are just a few samples of brochures I have designed – click on an image to view the brochure…

image Brochure - At The Threshold

image Brochure - Friends in Deed

image Brochure - Financial Intellgence Quotient University

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