You Can Do Your Own Website

do your own websiteWell, maybe.

It’s certainly true that the tools for building and maintaining websites are growing friendlier daily, and that they’ve evolved to enable many more people to access the possibility of building their own website than ever before.

It’s also true that there’s more and better support online to help users along the way.

And, it’s also true that because more people are doing the work themselves, the overall quality of websites is declining – so you don’t have to worry about sticking out if your website isn’t the fanciest one on the block.

Finally, because of search engine optimization, you don’t have to have a great website to be found online. That’s nice.

On the other hand, not everyone is ready to take on these tools or interested. The tools require a foundational level of computer knowledge in order to get in the game. Some people just aren’t interested – computers aren’t their thing or they have better things to do.

And, it turns out that quality is an issue. You may be able to attract visitors to your site, but the look, feel, and functionality they find have a lot to do with whether they stay longer than ten seconds. Quality content has a larger effect on whether they respond to your call to action.

As user-friendly as the tools get, there are still difficult spots in the website development process – ones that the tools don’t address well or at all.

And, the help, especially when you get into a pickle, tends to be spotty.

Yes, you may be able to do your own website. Or, you may want to just hire someone else to take it off your hands entirely. In either case, Joyce understands!

What makes The Computer Spirit somewhat unique is the way she works with you. First, Joyce will help you make the decision about whether or not you want to/should/can do your own website yourself. Although she would rather help you create your website, she will do it for you. Helping could mean following a road map she provides or… getting detailed feedback from her at key points or… getting help when you get stuck or… having Joyce do some pieces of the work or… having a shoulder to cry on when you get lost or frustrated.

Yes, you may be able to do your own website. But really, why would you?

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