How We Serve Nonprofits

How We Serve NonprofitsThe Computer Spirit is working on two ways to support nonprofits in developing capacity and sustainability through effective communication.

The first involves providing opportunities and resources for nonprofit organizations to develop and own their own living websites and e-newsletters.

The second involves providing hands-on, just-in-time technical, design, personal, and organizational support to nonprofit staff and volunteers to improve their electronic and hard-copy communication with their volunteers, donors, and clients.

We’re currently partnering with the Sedona Community Center to host and promote workshops and the computer lab. Our idea is that any work that spills over from these free experiences is something that will fall to The Computer Spirit or other local web designers and software trainers.

We like to collaborate with nonprofits in helping them open up new and better ways to reach out and build their community of volunteers, clients, and donors. Our first several experiences with local nonprofits – both involving websites and e-newsletters – have been fun and rewarding. We feel we’re making a difference and we’re certainly meeting many terrific people.

We usually suggest a meeting over coffee with representatives of your organization to find out what you’re up to and learn about how you communicate with your community. We’re happy to pull together a suggested action plan for you to take back to your organization, and delighted to speak with your staff or board whenever that may be appropriate.

Although we’re capable of doing all the work ourselves, we prefer to help you take on whatever functions you’re comfortable with because this leaves you with a stronger organization and greater control over your communication tools. You save money too.

Along the way we’ll help you develop funding and train your volunteers if warranted. We like to fit into the process of creating your communication tools in ways that best suit you.

In any case, we feel we’ll all benefit from getting to know one another and talking over the possibilities. We encourage you to call us to set up that coffee meeting!

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