How I Serve Healers

How We Serve HealersI find that healers are generally less capable of doing their own websites and e-newsletters than some of my other clients. That’s not always true, but it does seem to be a pattern. So, this is how I serve healers…

I can do a greater portion of the work myself rather than trying to teach healers to do it. That’s okay – we’re both fine with it.

I’ll probably create a simpler site.

I also tend to place a much greater emphasis on images that tell the healer’s story. Healers aren’t often writers, so I don’t usually expect a healer will make regular article or blog posts, or even provide content for their own e-newsletters. That’s okay. I’ll either talk through your ideas with you or accept them in whatever form you can cobble them together – and then I’m happy to write the content.

Healers have to feel great about their website – well so do all clients! However, with healers that’s usually not a function of technology as much as the way the site looks and the energy of it. I take great care to get the energy right, understanding that people who view your website come seeking help – they need to feel the presence of that help oozing off your website, through their computer screen, and into their heart.

All of this makes designing and managing a healer’s website a unique challenge – and one I particularly love. Let’s get together and learn more about each other. I would enjoy exploring ways to translate the healing you provide into words and images that tell your story energetically.

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