Do You Already Have a Website?

Do you currently have a website? If so, how does it fare in the following:

  • Clean design/structure
  • Good usability in the design
  • Intelligent use of technology
  • Conveys the message
  • Powerful call to action

checkmarkClean design is something you can see before you read a word. The opposite would be clutter. A clean design can allow a lot of content to be presented in a variety of ways. Clutter would make you run for cover – i. e., click off the site. Can I pretty much understand how to find what I need on your website at a glance – or do I have to go scratching around for it?

checkmarkGood usability means functionality. Everything works. Links take you where you think they will. There are no dead ends – I can always get Home and always go back to where I was. There are no error messages. Forms are fillable. When I click to send an email, I get an email window.

checkmarkIntelligent use of technology means using technology appropriately. No flashing lights highlighting stuff that’s not important. No tricks distracting me from your message. Simplicity counts.

checkmarkEach site should have a message and that message should be understood. What is your website’s message? Websites tell a story – not just in words – but in images and in the medium. If I’m on a healing website, I probably don’t want to have a headache when I get through viewing it. It needs to be peaceful. Does your website fit your message? Does it represent you well?

checkmarkA website can have multiple calls to action. What are they? Can you find your calls to action on your site? Are they clear? Can I actually take action – fill out the form, place the order, sign up, donate – or do I still need to take three more steps?

The Computer Spirit will review your current website and suggest improvements.

Now, not everyone needs a website. But if you’re doing one, you might as well make it work well!

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